Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I use Gladius restaurant POS software without a touch screen?

Yes. Our restaurant point of sale software is compatible with just a Mouse, Keyboard and regular CRT Monitor.

  • Which POS hardware printer do you suggest for printing guest checks?

We recommend the FEC 80T Printer serial Interfaced thermal receipt printer. FEC 80T printers are fast and quiet, and are recommended for busy restaurant software environments. We suggest the serial Interface models, which are easier to setup and maintain. Gladius POS restaurant software also supports parallel printers. (Currently our software will work with almost all brands of Epson emulation printers.)

  • Which POS hardware printer do you suggest for printing kitchen & bar checks?

For kitchen & bar printing, we recommend any of the following printers: FEC 80T Ethernet interface. We recommend the Ethernet Interface models, which are easier to setup and maintain. For the kitchen, we suggest to add a melody box so on each order a tone plays for the kitchen staff to hear, a special kitchen thermal paper roll is available as well so it won’t “smudge” as easily with greasy fingers.

  • Which all-In-One touch system do you recommend?

The Gladius Smart POS Terminal has been certified to run with our restauran point of sale software. Almost any all-in-one system that meets our recommended hardware configuration will work with our POS restaurant software. Not sure? Give us a call.

  • What is the recommended point of sale hardware configuration?

We recommend that each POS hardware computer have a minimum 1Gb RAM, 800 MHz or higher CPU, have 1 parallel port, 2-3 serial ports, 1 PS/2 port, 2 USB ports, 32 GB hard drive.

  • Which operating system does Gladius restaurant POS software support?

Gladius restaurant POS software runs under Windows POS ready 2009, Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. For maximum reliability, we suggest using Windows POS Ready.

  • Is a dedicated file server required to run Gladius point of sale restaurant software?

Gladius restaurant point of sale software does not need a dedicated File Server or an expensive File Server operating system such as Windows 2000 Server. You can install your database on one of your POS computers to save on expenses. However, for installations of three or more computers, we recommend that you use a dedicated computer to host the database.

  • Can I process an order created on another POS station?

Yes. In a network environment, all POS computers link to a “shared” database file located on one of the computers, called the File Server. This provides the ability to recall, settle, or initiate tasks from any POS station.

  • Can I add or change Back Office data while running restaurant POS software?

Yes. Gladius restaurant software permits you to add or change menu items, employee info in the Back Office, etc. and your POS stations will automatically reflect the changes when a server starts a new order.

  • What type of restaurant is Gladius point of sale restaurant software suitable for?

Gladius restaurant point of sale software is suitable for: Bar, Catering, Delivery, Drive-Thru, Dine-in, Fast Food, Retail and Take-Out operations.

  • Does Gladius restaurant POS offer visual table layout, hostess, & reservation features?

Gladius restaurant point of sale software includes visual table layout, hostess and reservation features. The hostess feature allows a hostess to start a new dine in order for a server as a “New Down”. Our reservation feature allows you to enter reservations anytime in the future you wish, and be able to specify seating preferences, guest count, additional notes, and other information. Also, unavailable tables do not show on the screen, making your layout look much cleaner.

  • Can you tell me about Gladius Restaurant Back Office Sales Analysis Software?

Restaurant Sales Analysis Software include the following features:

Sales by Customer
Sales by Menu Categories
Sales by Menu Item (Amount)
Sales by Menu Item (Qty)
Promotion Discounts
Sales by Sales Type
Monthly Sales
Profit Analysis by Menu Item
Sales by Menu Categories
Sales by Time of Day
Customer Mailing Labels
Department or Itemized Graphical Analysis for any period.
and many more features, also reports are available upon request.

  • Can you tell me about Gladius Restaurant Back Office Recipe Costing Software?

Restaurant Recipe Costing Software includes the following features:

Ability to create costed single-level Bills of Material for Recipe Items. (A Bill of Material identifies the quantities, descriptions and costs of each ingredient (component) item used to prepare a finished Recipe Item). For example: A Recipe Item called Chicken Sandwich may include component items such as 3oz of sliced Chicken, a French Roll. All component costs are added together to calculate the total cost for the Recipe Item, Chicken Sandwich.
Fully integrated with Inventory Control and Menu Costing.
Provides a Recipe Item Nutrition Information Report.

  • What is Gladius restaurant point of sale software’s support and upgrade policy?

We provide new end users with free software support for 90-Days. The free support period starts from the date of installation. All issues are considered support unless they are related to sales inquiries. We only provide support on our software products. For third party software or hardware support, you must contact the appropriate vendor. To continue receiving telephone or email support, the end user must purchase a 1-Year Restaurant Software Support Contract. A support contract is required for each restaurant location. As an added benefit, you will be able to download new software upgrades free of charge, downloadable during your support contract period.